The first book in the Immutable Moon series! Combines elements of horror and fantasy for a fun, fast-paced ride!

Horror Fantasy

Speak with the Dead is a quirky take on the haunted house genre that you're sure to enjoy!


Vampire Hours is included in this fine collection of f/f romance!


Garvey continues to create tensions between the two greater packs. Can he save his  own pack or will they be culled?

Horror Fantasy

When the legendary ghosts of Christmas fail to cure Evan Eazer of his misanthropy, it’s up to The Ghost of Imaginary Time to save the day.

M/M Romance

Two shy dreamers get a second chance at love in a parallel universe.

M/M Romance

Arnaka Skytree must forsake her family and begin a quest to destroy a corrupt system of magic.


Cheron undertakes a quest to bring his goddess back to the world but will he fall in love with one of her apostates?

M/M Fantasy